These common questions will help you decide if Espresso is the right fit for you.

How much does a website cost?

We factor in a number of considerations when we price our designs including, but not limited to, the total hours forecasted, overall complexity which may include third party integrations & and also e-commerce requirements which may vary from one product to thousands of products.

Most of our website designs take anywhere from 30 hours onwards. A basic website typically starts from $2.7K +GST whilst a website with more complex functionality such as appointment scheduling would typically be around $5K. These are extremely competitive prices for the high quality, results driven solutions we build and dedicated support we provide our wonderful ‘Espresso’ family.

We accept 75% up front payment and remaining settlement on design sign-off.

Remember… a high quality results driven website is an investment, not a cost.

What is the general process?

At Espresso we have a robust 6 step process that we follow to ensure project success:

1. Discuss the Requirements
2. Design the Framework
3. Develop the Functionality
4. Demonstrate a Draft
5. Deliver the Product
6. Drive the Sales

These steps are not exclusive to each other and often overlap, especially the larger and more complex the project.

What are our expectations of you?

As a client of Espresso Design Studios, it is important that we have your commitment and dedication to the smooth-running of every project you send our way.  To ensure that we can deliver what we promise, we ask you to please make note and adhere to the following standards.

1) You are prepared to invest time as required for your project so that we can continue to provide solutions that build your business successfully.

2) You will offer honest feedback at all times. This includes giving praise when we’ve helped you achieve the results you’re after… and offering suggestions to us… should we make a mistake.

3) You will be honest, truthful and upfront with us at all times. If you have a problem with us you will do us the courtesy of speaking with us first so that we can resolve your concerns quickly and efficiently. We will also display this courtesy to you.

4) You will appoint one key decision-maker who we will communicate with directly. Please appreciate our commitment to obtain decisions swiftly to keep your project running on time and within budget.

5) You are committed to providing information we require, amendments and sign-off on or before the date set out by us in your project timeline. If this is impossible you will communicate with us and we will adjust the timeframe accordingly.

6) If we call and leave a message for you or send you an email, you will acknowledge this communication with us before the end of the next working day. We will also display this courtesy.

7) You will make yourself available for pre-arranged meetings at your earliest convenience so that we can keep your project running to schedule and meet your deadlines. We of course will do the same in return.

What framework do you design on?

We choose to build customised sites on WordPress for a number of reasons.  These include:

1. Search engines love WordPress.  WordPress is developed using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your site attractive to search engines.  As sites using this CMS will be indexed in the search engines much faster than traditional static websites you’ll have traffic coming to your site sooner rather than later.

2. WordPress has an unlimited number of plug-ins or add-ons that have been developed to perform everything from shopping carts to contact forms. These are updated and upgraded constantly so you’ll always have the latest technology and innovations at your fingertips.

3. We can keep our website prices down due to the integrated nature of many functionalities, this means you are not paying us to custom code from scratch in order to develop the features on your website.  This keeps pricing to between 25%-50% of a fully customised coded site.  If you require a unique custom functionality we can still develop this for you.

4.  Wordpress is a great CMS (Content Managment System) and these days every business should consider blogging as content is king as they say.  Blogging is great for SEO when optimised efficiently and a great way of building an email base that you can target in your marketing.

Will I be given admin access to my website?

Yes, we provide administrative access to your website once the website is complete and final payment received.

We offer training packages for clients who require this access. It is strongly recommended that you purchase a 1 to 2 hr online one-on-one training session.

How long does it take to build a website?

From experience, our websites take apprximately 3 to 4 depending on the project size. There are exceptions with much larger projects but we will provide a scoped project timeframe in our proposal.

In saying this, there are certainly interim solutions that can be implemented to provide you with an online presence whilst the more complex aspects of your site are developed.

Who won't we work with?

Yes – believe it or not we too have boundaries in who we choose to work with. We certainly do not wish to offend anyone but if any of the following describes you then Espresso Design Studios may not be the right fit for you:

  • You need your website completed today. Sorry, we do not rush this process. There is a lot involved and quality is our number one priority. However, there may be temporary solutions that may fill a void until the full site is complete. So get in touch and we can discuss.
  • You don’t really need a website or see the point in having one but want one because everybody else has one. Look, it probably won’t work, you won’t be committed, the project will blow out, we will all get frustrated and in the end you’ll have a website that is not getting any love.  We are proud of our websites but it is a two way street.
  • You have a long list of requirements for your website but you must stick to a small budget. We get it, we have been there, done that, especially when we started out but the more you need the more we need to charge. It is not only fair it is also a sign of mutual respect.
  • You’d like a huge discount on your website because ‘everyone’ will see it and you’ll guarantee us more work. No thanks – our happy customers are our strongest advocates and best referrers. Why not ask us about our referral program, we have great incentives!
  • You want a cheap custom site. Websites are like cars, if you want cheap, you will get what you pay for – you won’t be happy and neither will we.  We charge extremely fairly for our expertise but will never compromise the quality of our websites. 
  • You want a website that either promotes or endorses content that is illegal or prohibited in nature. Self-explanatory really but if you are not sure, contact us and we will advise.
  • You ‘know’ web design but just don’t have the time to do this website.   There are two lead designers already and as they say, three is a crowd.
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