Do You Have a WordPress Website?
BUT don’t have the time to keep it

It’s alright.
The team at Espresso has you covered.


We keep it simple.

One plan. One monthly fee.

Need more attention?

Just select the feature upgrades you need…
you only pay for what you receive.

It really is THAT simple.


The base Business Pro plan is perfectly suited to non e-commerce sites that rarely change content and owners that don’t want to worry about the techy aspects of website maintenance and security. They’d rather be kicking back with a glass of wine on the deck rather than worry if malware is going to bring their site crashing down.


We totally get it… bigger website… bigger business… bigger consequences if your site is compromised. So your site needs to be shown more care and attention.

Not a problem. Espresso to the rescue.

You will be given the option to upgrade each feature individually. Simply upgrade the features that are important to your business and that’s all you’ll pay for.

Need hourly back-ups? No prob Bob.

Prefer weekly performance reporting? No drama sheep farmer.

Extra security and monitoring? No danger bush ranger.



How much of your life is wasted simply updating your plugins, themes, WordPress core and security updates?  Do you worry whether you have updated them properly to prevent conflict and further issues? Well, no stress more. We know just what we are doing and we will update your site regularly to ensure your website is running at it’s very best.


There is nothing more critical than regularly backing up your website. Without a recent backup it can take you weeks to restore your site (not to mention the cost!).  You may lose content, orders, new opt-ins or worst of all, your credibility. If your website is ever compromised we can also help restore your site from a recent backup.


Uptime Monitoring 24/7

Now you don’t need to worry whether you site is up and running. You will receive an email notification if your site experiences any downtime. Alternatively you can upgrade this feature to SMS notification. This will give you every opportunity to resolve the problem with your host before it starts costing you business. Losing visitors is one thing, losing sales is another.



Security is the number one concern for WordPress website owners. Malware attacks can slow your website performance and impact your Google ranking. It is a sickening feeling knowing that your site has been compromised – it’s like having an uninvited stranger living in your house. Prevention is better than cure but we will send an email notification if this occurs and can also help restore your site from a recent clean backup.



WordPress is a very robust CMS platform but like all web applications and software, it can be exposed to vulnerabilities.  You will receive an email notification if your site has been breached by malware or has been black listed with one or more search authorities. Certain plugins and plugin combinations can expose vulnerabilities. We can work with you to assess the risk and offer other alternatives and solutions.


Every extra second your page loads is costing you visitors, potential clients and revenue.  25% of your ‘would have been’ visitors have left just after waiting only four seconds. You need your home page to load in under three seconds and ideally two. Our client report will detail your website performance page load speed. We offer additional services to help you improve these metrics.


How good is this? Our base plan includes Google Analytics – this is essential for every business. We have also included SEO statistics and analysis as a feature upgrade for those that mean business. Our SEO analysis is worth more than the monthly fee alone. Our SEO ranking tool monitors all of the key SEO metrics and is reported in your Client Report. We will inform you where you rank for each keyword and also list and analyse your main competitors for your keyword selection.


You will know every bit of activity that has occured on your website through our professional Client Report. Your report details all of the activity that has occured during the reporting period for the features that are within your plan. If there are any concerns with your site and its performance, the team will add additional commentary with recommended solutions.

The Plan

Yes, that’s right… less than $14 per week for peace of mind.

Next Steps

This is where you get to free yourself from stress.

1. Fill in your details and select your feature upgrades.

Setting up the plan is straight forward, just ensure all of your details are entered correctly and that you read each feature upgrade before making a selection. Please note that the included feature is selected by default and is part of the base plan. Any feature upgrade you select will increase your monthly plan spend.

2. Just a couple of housekeeping boxes to tick...

Once you have completed filling in your details and selecting your features and any upgrades, you will be sent an email with confirmation of your plan details including the monthly cost. We will contact you within 24 hours by your preferred method of communication, to arrange secure access to your account in order to monitor and maintain your site.   We will also set up a recurring Paypal payment to commence following your 14 Day Free Trial.  If you choose not to continue there will not be any costs to you.

Our customers say

“Thank you to the team at Espresso Design Studios. I was bogged down for hours each week just trying to do the simplest of things. I tried google searching every issue and the best plugins to use and just ended up getting lost in all the jargon. The time aside, I am just happy that someone who knows what they are doing is taking care of my site. I can’t thank you enough.”

Kerry Sim

“You guys are so great at what you do. It’s a really good service you provide. I definitely will recommend your services to my friends.”

Harrison Sutherland

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